Bay Bridge Ultra
Sunday, July 21, 2019
Tri & Run Sports , 188 Front Street, Belleville, Ontario
60 Participants   Contact the Director
Event Summary

Introducing the inaugural Bay Bridge Ultra!  

The loop is 6km

Runners will start each loop on the hour every hour starting at 7:00AM for a maximum of 12 hours. Run 1 loop, run 12 loops or any amount in between.

Every surviving runner will be tied for the lead, every hour.

 Last man or woman standing OR the first to finish the last loop will be declared the solo winner!

Team Option: You may participate in a two person or a four person team. One person from the team will start each loop on the hour every hour for all 12 loops. Each team member needs to register individually and indicate his/her team members as asked during registration. 

Event Dates
Registration Start: January 15, 2019
Registration Ends: July 19, 2019
Event Start: July 21, 2019

Race Details
Details Price Now *
Bay Bridge Ultra (6KM) Run 1 loop every hour for maximum 12 hours $10.00
Jul 21, 2019 7:00 AM

* All prices are in CAD Dollars


Each loop will start exactly on the hour when the City Hall bell finishes the hourly toll. If you are not back from a loop and/or you are not at the start line at the hour your race is finished for the day. No late starts! For teams: if a team member is not back from a loop then the entire team is finished for the day. 

The loop will start and finish behind Tri & Run Sports on the waterfront trail. 

Each runner is responsible for their own aid. You may bring a cooler, chair etc to leave at the start line. 

No unregistered pacers allowed.

No deferrals.

Runners will have access to washrooms and water in Tri & Run Sports.  

Fun Facts

Modeled after Big's Backyard Ultra

By definition you must complete 8 loops as a solo for it to be considered an Ultramarathon