FollowMe Run For Athletes / Racers

Peace of mind in real time.

Can you see me now?
In a race, around my home, in a group or on my own,
FollowMe Run so I'm not alone.

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A tool with many uses

FollowMe Run is an essential tool for your runner, cyclist, walker, mountain biker or any individual leaving home by themselves to have family and friends track their travel or watch their progress during a race. There are no new devices to carry or watches to wear.

I Am An Athlete
I Am A Spectator

Simple Setup
Getting started is as simple as these five steps and we will guide you through one step at a time.
  • 1. Create your login
  • 2. Input up to 10 email addresses
  • 3. Purchase your preferred FollowMe Run package
  • 4. Load the myRacetime app to your Smart Phone
  • 5. Click the FollowMe button in the app

and up to 10 family members or friends can follow you while you run any race around the world or have peace of mind by tracking you when you train.

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Easy to Follow

Know someone who has FollowMe Run that you would like to 'follow'? No login is required.

  1. Make sure they have added your email address to their list of 10 addresses (FollowMe Run Setup Step 2)
  2. When they go out for their run you will get an email
  3. Click the link in the email and you will be brought to the webpage that shows you where they are

It's as easy as that!